Yogaventure ℠ Guide

Elan McAfee

I came to the practice of yoga in the late 00s through pranayama to alleviate near-crippling anxiety attacks that limited my ability to leave the house. My then sister-in-law taught me breathing and meditation techniques she used in her personal yoga practice, and it was the only thing that managed my anxiety effectively. The asana side of yoga gradually entered my world, mainly because I was so out of shape at nearly 200 lbs and a two-pack a day smoker that it took little physical activity to leave me pained and out of breath. After a divorce and significantly healthier lifestyle changes, yoga continued to be a lifeline, expanding to touch all parts of my life.

Having led a primarily nomadic existence, yoga also played a role in setting roots in the Hot Springs area. While in RYT-200 training at Prema School of Yoga, I forged friendships with instructors and fellow students. During that time, I also settled into another work family where holistic fitness is a nurtured quality. In my classes, I keep my yoga journey in mind while guiding others to the self-inquiry and acceptance to discover the transformative power of practice for themselves.  

I strive to make each Yogaventure ℠ an experience that goes beyond a classroom or workshop environment. It should be therapeutic and cathartic as well. Here, I use my education in psychology (finishing my M.S. thesis) and even personal training to sensibly guide others in discovering their strengths within and out.